About Ashleigh

I run a small business with a big heart for people and I absolutely love what I do.

I am an accredited personal & leadership development coach, employee development specialist and talent placement specialist. I am also an MBCT practitioner (Mindfulness-based cognitive theory).

I have over 8 years experience serving clients in a wide range of industries including E-commerce, Insurance, Construction, Advertising, Accounting, Civic Tech as well as a myriad of SME’s.

I have a strong desire to see people realise and release their potential and I feel most alive when coaching individuals or facilitating team interventions.

When not working or spending time connecting with family and friends, I seek adventure through ocean swimming, Stand Up Paddleboarding, camping and hiking the mountains.

My vision

Is to impact communities and companies through encouraging and empowering individuals and inspiring positive change.

The values that drive our business

I believe everyone has it within themselves to reach their full potential. I offer authentic connection and support in helping you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
I dig deep to understand your vision and purpose as well as obstacles you face, with empathy and curiosity. In order to grow yourself you must first know yourself – that awareness is key.
I inspire action through shining a light on situations and bringing a fresh perspective and rich insights for you to take hold of.
You have everything within yourself that you need to flourish. When you believe this then I am succeeding.
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