These are some of the amazing brands that we have partnered with and continue to do great work for across various levels of the talent cycle.

Harvard House

Ashleigh Rich has been consulting to Harvard house Group since June 2017. Ash has assisted us with recruiting, coaching of Directors and our Management Team, and also been a sounding board for our leaders in managing dynamics in the people space. Ash is extremely positive and filled with energy. She has a passion for people and a desire to see each person overcome challenges and fulfill their goals. She has an incredible understanding of people and is able to connect with each individual. We consider it a privilege to have Ash working with our Team and have seen the benefit of her engagements with staff.

Peter Smith

Advantage Learning Technologies

Ash has helped our small business in many ways. She has helped us define and develop helpful employee profiles to ensure that we can ensure we find the correct fit for our business. The reports that we receive from her are always insightful and help us develop our employees in a way that is both beneficial to our business and the employee. Ash also conducted and facilitated a coaching session with our leadership team to ensure that we understood each other's strengths and weaknesses and shed some important light on where conflicts could arise so that we could work through these with a better understanding. It has given the team the soft skills needed to manage the people in our business in a proactive and empathetic way. It also allowed us to be strategic in our approach to best-fit roles of our leadership team allowing for growth and enjoyment in each individual. I would highly recommend using Ash, she has helped and continues to help us grow our people effectively.

Sean Dixon
Executive Director HR, Customer Support at Advantage Learning Technologies (Pty) Ltd / Advantage Learning Technologies

Private Property SA

I have known Ash for a long time and she has always been a woman of integrity, enthusiasm, and passion. We have worked on a number of different projects ranging from talent development initiatives, group coaching sessions, joint facilitation, and leadership development. Ash has always been one of those people who has worn her heart on her sleeve, she gives 110% all of the time and has such a unique and amazing ability to operate calmly when the pressure is on.

Craig Stuart
ex Private Property Culture Officer / Private Property SA

Holla Trails, Living Earth & Fairview Estates

We do not employ any management or above level without doing an assessment from Lightly Salted. This is incredibly valuable for us.

Nic Jordan

Open Cities Lab

Ashleigh continues to be a phenomenal asset to Open Cities Lab (OCL)! In 2020 she helped us build a stronger, more resilient team through her one-on-one coaching sessions and group team building every month. In addition, she played a pivotal role in helping organise and facilitate our annual team strategy getaway in November. A time where we set the course of OCL for the months and years to come. We would not be starting off as strong as we are in 2021 if it was not for Ashleigh. We look forward to her further input and expertise as we grow and learn together in the coming year.

Megan Gericke
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