Team facilitation and workshops

There is so much power in working through both self-development and leadership development as a team.

It is when we set aside some intentional time and space to be vulnerable as a team that we see shifts in company culture which can greatly pivot the direction of the organisation for the better.

Some of what you can expect from these sessions is greater self-awareness, community building, increased levels of trust through sharing, more intentional communication as well as some helpful tools to navigate the day to day challenges that are thrown our way.

These are some of our current workshop offerings:

Enhanced well-being

We have a look at your personal and collective wellness and how, when given the proper attention and discipline, this can contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling way of living. Now more than ever with the agile workplace we need to focus on our own wellness in order to deliver our best at work and make sure we still have energy for our personal lives.

Leading self

To grow yourself you must first know yourself. This is an exploration of Emotional Intelligence competencies where we dig into Self-awareness & Self-management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

The waiting room

We all get to a point in our careers or personal lives where we have to learn how to be in a place of waiting. Here we will explore various healing and growth modalities along with some practical tools on how to develop the resilience needed to walk out the waiting room and keep going.

Paradoxical leadership

We make use of analytics and personal insights here to understand the fine balance between our own strengths paired with our behavioural inhibitors. These leadership competency insights are used to highlight where we can improve as leaders in our various roles by making small, sustainable changes and mental shifts.

Healthy boundary setting

The best leaders are those that can hold their teams accountable to deliverables while still showing empathy towards them. Leading with empathy and authority is not easy but is so necessary to ensure we are not permissive leaders or too harsh in delivery. We will take some time to reflect on and discuss our own leadership styles, to look at what we are doing well and the unintended consequences of areas we are not doing as well in. We then combine some practical tools and tips with role-play so as to practice healthy boundary setting.

The Middle Journey Womans group

The Middle Journey is a 6 week online or face-to-face facilitated course for anyone needing some motivation, support, a fresh perspective or looking to develop self or reconnect with your values alongside like-minded women. Using The Middle Journey framework, Middle coach Ashleigh Rich, will guide you through some practical tools to help you overcome challenges and barriers which stand in the way of you reaching your goals. We all have certain ‘middles’ that are impacting our lives. Whether you’re struggling with working remotely, with navigating tough relationship dynamics, with running your own business, dealing with loss, or parenting to name a few situations.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.
Harvey S. Firestone

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