The Middle Journey

The Middle encourages and equips individuals and teams to navigate the distance between where they are and where they want to be using seven key insights, required to develop the resilience and resolve needed to keep going, despite tough environmental circumstances.

The Middle Journey will encourage you to pitch up at the start line, offering strategic and practical ways in which to keep going toward achieving meaningful goals. We will explore how to increase resilience, how to fuel grit with purpose, vision and values, how to approach overwhelming goals, how to navigate failure, how to deal with unpredictable challenges and how to navigate the middle with others, maintaining healthy relationships.

Whilst The Middle Journey is based on a round the world cycle tour, all of the insights have been tested and applied successfully in all areas of life including; entrepreneurship, corporate, professional and personal relationships, sports, endurance events, social justice projects and personal development goals.

Through partnering with The Middle, I have been able to offer my clients:

  • An online platform for those wanting to define their own goals and spend time processing how to navigate toward those goals intentionally and strategically.
  • Team sessions in which we explore how to develop the grit and resilience needed to reach our individual and collective goals.
  • Group sessions where we dig into these topics in our communities/groups and can learn from the experiences of each individual.
  • Keynotes by Travis Gale, the founder of The Middle Journey, which explore the topic of grit and resilience through media and engaging stories.
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